Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mountains and Hills

How do we diffrentiate between a mountain and a hill? Is there any unit of specific measurement? Can somebody please enlighten me.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Coterie - TSK

Let me introduce a member of our coterie. The lady with the 'style mau, mati tak apa' attitude. Bear with me in what I meant. In whatever activity she participated in, she comes in full gear..and mind you, not those "ciplak" brand okay, full and original (notice the new Timberland she got for her birthday). She has climbed many mountains, Mount Kinabalu was her first; and she had swam and snorkled in many seas, Pulau Aur inclusive. Do not let the sweet appearance fool you.
She can be loud (she surely make her appearance before she arrives), and she surely can eat (her favourite food is "Bak Kut Teh") and outdrinks many normal mortals (I remember first meeting her at a party, within the first hour, she was down, not that she did not drink, she tried to outdrink the crowds at the party..thirsty mah). The best thing all of us like about her is that, "when she speak, you must understand", literally speaking, and for those not knowing her, you will be scratching your head bald trying to understand where she is leading you to. Well, for those in the know, remember how she tried to teach us how to recork a bottle of unfinished wine.
Notice the pose. This one she never taught her colleagues. She always emphatise on the 45 degree pose. Cannot blame her mah, "sifu" have to keep something for herself. Notice the handphone on her hand, even outdoor is not an excuse not to work. WORK HARD, PARTY HARD...Go go go...........
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